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Manufacturer Description

The power of magnesium

Magnesium is the second most important nutrient element for humans. It helps activate approximately 300 enzymes. Magnesium protects the heart muscle against oxygen deprivation, prevents cholesterol accumulation and hypertension. It reduces muscle cramps, stress and oxygen deficiency symptoms, relieves allergies and infections symptoms.

Unprecedented Body & Mind Regeneration System

As magnesium is vital to produce energy and helps muscles contract, its deficiency may negatively impact the health of a sports practitioner. Magnesium initiates the muscle regeneration process and any drop of magnesium levels in the body may reduce the overall energy and ability to exercise. Failure to supplement the magnesium used up during the workout may lead to a drop of strength, power and stamina and ultimately muscle cramps. Magnesium is absorbed several times faster through the skin than the digestive system.

How to use?

Dissolve 2-4 glasses of flakes (250ml) in a bath tub. Don't make you bath too hot. Ideally you should bath in a temperature of 37-39? (98-102 degrees Fahrenheit). You can put more or less flakes if you want. The more flakes you put, the more intense your bath will be. Do not exceed 6 cups per bath. Bath for 20 minutes for best effect to avoid overheating. How often to bath with MRS? Once or twice per week. In order to enhance you bathing experience pur inside naturally scented MRS Essential Oil for bath. Important:
Your skin might feel a bit itchy at the beginning but do not worry, that is the way it is. If some rash and irritation appears, stop the treatment.
If some of your flakes are not pure snow white but grey or dark, do not worry. They are natural, not treated with any chemicals. We decided not to dye it with any chemicals.
Ingredients: Magnesium chloride
1 kg pack lasts for a 1-week treatment. 4kg pack lasts for a 1-month treatment.

Product Features

POWER OF MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is the second most important nutrient element for humans. It helps activate approximately 300 enzymes, relaxes your body and mind GREAT REGENERATION: Magnesium bath is the perfect way to regenerate your body and mind after heavy workout or a tough day at work. We absorb magnesium much faster through our skin than through swallowing pills. No more magnesium pills and tables, no more digestive stress for your stomach! The product is safe for people with allergies, thoroughly tested BENEFICIAL TO YOUR SKIN: Magnesium chloride contained within the flakes is beneficial to your skin, improving its firmness and elasticity. The flakes are hygroscopic and thus help reduce the loss of water and precious nutrients NATURAL & PURE: MRS Magnesium Bath Flakes come from the purest and natural source. They are not treated with any agents. Purity and nature from the Earth BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: MRS Flakes come in 1kg or 4kg packages. See product description for how to use instructions. You can enhance your bath experience with naturally scented MRS Essential Oil for bath

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